PGPICC - Part 2: Exposing Over 180 Front Companies Used By PGPICC To Bypass International Sanctions
WikiIran's Exclusive
January 2023

WikiIran exposes thousands of confidential documents leaked recently online from the internal servers of Iran’s largest petrochemical company “The Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industry Commercial Company (PGPICC).” The information highlighted here expose how this company has been circumventing the international sanctions against Iran’s petrochemical industry.

PGPICC's network consists of over 180 front companies operated by it. The front companies identified by WikiIran are based mostly in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and China, while some of them remain unidentified. These companies own international bank accounts that enable Iranian entities such as banks, importers and exporters to engage in international financial transactions using foreign currencies including USD, Euro and AED.

The documents leaked from PGPICC's servers show the Iranian connection to the activity, in both the origin of funds and the final beneficiaries.

To download the full list of companies, click here.


Front Company NameBank NameBranchAccount NumberSWIFTCurrencyExchange House
Keyee TradingBank Of JinhuaNRA1456993127000011JHCBCNBJUSDGardeshgari
Global Visiness PTEBank Of ShanghaiNRA05000416748BOSHCNSHUSDGardeshgari Melli
Global Visiness PTEBank Of ShanghaiNRA05000416756BOSHCNSHEUR
BeipoleChina Everbright BankShanghai BranchNRA36511488000088583EVERCNBJSH1USDGCM
BeipoleChina Everbright BankShanghai BranchNRA36513888000015486EVERCNBJSH1EUR
TangsenChina Guangfa BankYiwu BranchNRA9550880232975200105GDBKCN22YWBUDSGardeshgari
Multi Well TradingChina Guangfa BankYiwu BranchNRA9550880232625900131GDBKCN22USDGardeshgari
Multi Well TradingChina Guangfa BankYiwu BranchNRA9550880232625900221EUR
Jamic TradingChina Guangfa BankNRA9550880235456200322GDBKCN22EURGardeshgari
Melikal For Medical And Medicine Trading CoChina Guangfa BankNRA9550880229737700208GDBKCN22EURGardeshgari
Nhk TradingChina Guangfa BankNRA9550880230820400166GDBKCN22USDGardeshgari
Qi GroupChina Guangfa BankNRA9550880230241600117GDBKCN22USDGardeshgari Mellat
TenglanChina Guangfa BankNRA9550880232966700196GDBKCN22YWBUSDSepah
Dragon TradingChina Minsheng BankJinuhua BranchNRA068019MSBCCNBJ086USDGardeshgari
Dragon TradingChina Minsheng BankJinuhua BranchNRA068230MSBCCNBJ086EUR
Foraben TradingChina Minsheng BankNRA070958MSBCCNBJ0A7USDGardeshgari
Foraben TradingChina Minsheng BankNRA070966MSBCCNBJ0A7EUR
UnivestChina Zheshang BankShanghai BranchNRA2900001011420100013618ZJCBCN2NUSDGardeshgari
Greend International TradingEvergrowing BankShanghai BranchNRA31050101100100000056HFBACNSD210USDMellat
Greend International TradingEvergrowing BankShanghai BranchNRA31050101100100000055HFBACNSD210EUR
Jin Xin NuoEvergrowing BankShanghai BranchNRA802110011423700546HFBACNSD210USDGardeshgari
Jin Xin NuoEvergrowing BankShanghai BranchNRA802110013823700313HFBACNSD210EUR
Rui ChengEvergrowing BankShanghai BranchNRA802110011423700537HFBACNSD210USDMelli
Rui ChengEvergrowing BankShanghai BranchNRA802110013823700304EUR
Xiang Hong XingEvergrowing BankShanghai BranchNRA802110011423700519HFBACNSD210USDMelli
Xiang Hong XingEvergrowing BankShanghai BranchNRA802110013823700297EUR
Salita TradeHua Xia BankHangzhou BranchNRA10471000000544845HXBKCNBJXXXUSDGardeshgari
LowellShanghai Pudong Development BankTianjin Puxin BranchNRA77040014901000001SPDBCNSHXXXUSDGardeshgari Melli
Alpha Centauri HKZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank Co LTDNRA56567142010500005805CZCBCN2XUSDMellat
Alpha Centauri HKZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank Co LTDNRA56567382010500003866CZCBCN2XEUR
Anlong PetrolchemicalZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank Co LTDNRA18809142010500004710CZCBCN2XUSDMelli
Anlong PetrolchemicalZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank Co LTDNRA18809382010500001236CZCBCN2XEUR
Unique Industrial Trade HKZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank Co LTDNRA5656714201050000580500006134CZCBCN2XUSDMellat
Unique Industrial Trade HKZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank Co LTDNRA56567382010500004104EUR
Golden BronzeZhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank Co LTDNRA31010010201000040448ZJTLCNBHXXXUSDGardeshgari
Golden BronzeZhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank Co LTDNRA31010010201000040430USD
Highline Logistic HKZhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank Co LTDNRA31010010201000041958ZJTLCNBHXXXEUREghtesad Novin GCM
Highline Logistic HKZhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank Co LTDNRA31010010201000041941ZJTLCNBHXXXUSD


Front Company NameBank NameAccount NumberSWIFTCurrencyExchange House
Abhiraj TradingBanque MisrAE590150080309100002597BMISAEAAAEDMasader
Greenland Oil & Gas TradingBanque MisrAE680150080309100007091BMISAEAAAEDMellat
Materials Trading Ironside Plastic And Nylon RawBanque MisrAE780150080309100004195BMISAEAAAEDSepah
Point To Point Goods Wholesalers TrdBanque MisrAE850150080309100006882BCAIAEAA803AEDMelli
Shams Alrabeea Chemicals TradingBanque MisrAE490150080309100003068BMISAEAAAEDGardeshgari
Z N Z TradingCommercial Bank Of DubaiAE250230000001004434161CBDUAEADXXXAEDGardeshgari
Bordo PlasticDubai Islamic BankAE240240097520253210801DUIBAEADAEDGardeshgari Hoseini
Arlington Petrochemicals TradingEmirates NBDAE220260001015802892301EBILAEADAEDMellat
A One ClassicFirst Abu Dhabi Bank PJSCAE190351191324774575003NBADAEAAAEDAbtahi Gardeshgari


Front Company NameBank NameAccount NumberSWIFTCurrencyExchange House
Lamasat Wadi Aljizza Trading SpcSohar International Bank S.A.O.G0 23020017639BSHROMRUEURPaya
Lamasat Wadi Aljizza Trading SpcSohar International Bank S.A.O.G0 23020017620AED

Unknown Country

Front Company NameBank NameExchange House
Abidali Goods WholesalersBanque MisrTejarat
Ace PetrochemBank Of Baroda, Cammercial BankPaya
Adelphi PetrochemicalsFirst Abu DhabiGardeshgari
Aeeleen LimitedChina Zheshang BankMelli
All E All Chaina ShpoHangzhou MranchEghtesad Novin
Almeria Commercial BrokesNational BankEghtesad Novin
Alsahra PetrochemicalsBanque MisrMasader
Amanah GeneralBank Of BarodaMasader
Aqila Non Edible Oil & Liquefied Natural GasAbu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic BankPaya, Gcm
AvalanchFab BankMelli
Avesa Petrochemicals LlMcb Bank Limited, Almasraf, Al Masraf, Commercial Bank Of Dubai, Al Masraf BankGardeshgari
Baiyi Co., LimitedChina Guangfa BankEghtesad Novin
Bayrak Goods WholesalersNoor BankMelat
Beipole Co Limited
Belcoon Co., LimitedNanjing Bank, Beijing BranchSepah
Bergama Oil & GasFirst Abu DhabiMelat
Bethesda Industrial SolventsCommercial Bank Of DubaiMelli
Bitchem PetrochmicalsAl Masraf Bank, Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankHoseini
Brooklyn Plastic()LimitedDah Sing Bank, Limited, Dah Sing Bank, Limited, Dah Sing BankPaya, Nabi Zadeh
Bruce Plastic & Nylon Raw Materials L.L.CBanque Misr, United Bank Limited, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Al Masraf Bank, Dubai Islamic BankNabi Zadeh
Burren Co LimitedZhejiang Tailong Commercial BankTejarat
Cadiz Building & Construction MaterialsAbu Dhabi Islamic BankNabi Zadeh
Chemtech Global Co.,China Guangfa Bank Co Limited, China Guangfa Bank Co Limited, China Guangfa Bank Co LimitedEghtesad Novin, Nabi Zadeh, Gardeshgari
Cheng Pan Co LimitedChina Minsheng BankShahr
Chery Star Co LimitedHua Xia Bank, Hangzhou BranchTejarat
Chongmingdao International Co., LimitedChina Zheshang Bank Shanghai Branch, China Zheshang BankGardeshgari
Ck Huichison Holding CoChina Guangfa BankGardeshgari
CoburgFirst Abu DhabiGcm
Cvs Goods WholesalersAjman BankEghtesad Novin
Destuo LimitedEvergrowing BankTejarat
DupontBanque MisrMelli
Easterland LimitedChina ZheshangGardeshgari
Easy Connect Good WholsalersBanque MisrGardeshgari
ElkobizEmirat Eslamic Bank, First Abu Dhabi, Mashreq BankGardeshgari, Abtahi
Fairtrade Non Edible Oil & Liquefied Natural Gas L.L.CBanque MisrNabi Zadeh
FaminMcb Bank Limited, Banque Misr, First Abu DhabiGardeshgari
Fargo International Trade Co LimitedZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankSepah, Gardeshgari
Farwell Canyon LimitedZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankGardeshgari, Nabi Zadeh
Foshan DmccBanque MisrSepah
Geo Raw Materials DmccEmirates Islami, First Abu Dhabi, Commercial Bank Of Dubai, Banque MisrPaya
Goldenix Co LimitedZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank, Evergrowing BankGardeshgari, Eghtesad Novin, Mellat
Grant JoyZhejiang Tailong BankGcm
Gular Co. LimitedZhejiang Tailong Commercial BankSepah
High LightBanque MisrSepah
Hongkong Sunrise Import And Export LimitedCommercial Bank of Dubai, Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankEghtesad Novin
Hongkong Well International LimitedChina Guangfa Bank Co Limited, China GuangfabankEghtesad Novin
Hongwen SingaporeZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankArziran
Horryzin International Trade Co., LimitedZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankGardeshgari
Hua An SingaporeZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankTejarat
Hua GongBoc, Bank Of China, Wing Hang Bank, Icbc Wing Hang Bank, China Zheshang Bank, Bank Of China , Mank Of ChinaArziran
HugumaIcbc BankMelat
Iminai LimitedEvergrowing Bank Shanghai BranchMelli
Indo Gulf MaterialsEmirates IslamiEghtesad Novin
Jocwa Co., LimitedGuangfa BankTejarat
KarsanFirst Abu DhabiEghtesad Novin
Kgn Goods WholesalersHabib BankTejarat
Kilarto And Services Co LimitedEvergrowing BankTejarat
KirmirVtb Bank Shanghai, Evergrowing Bank Shnaghai BranchGardeshgari, Abtahi
Korn SamboGuangfa BankEghtesad Novin
Lexington Non Edible Oil LiquifiedFirst Abu Dhabi, Emirates Islami, Dubai Islamic BankMelat
Light Dragon LimitegZhejiang Tailong BankEghtesad Novin
Linkway CoHuaxia Bank, Hangzhou Branch, China Guangfa Bank Co LimitedEghtesad Novin
Long Way ChemicalsDubai Islamic Bank, United Overseas Banks, Noor Bank, Emirates IslamiMelat, Arziran
Longford L.L.CEmirates Bank, Banque MisrMelat
LongyaoUnited Overseas Banks, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankArziran
Lowa Plastic And Nylon Raw MaterialsUnited Bank Limited, Al MasrafNabi Zadeh
Lukoil PetroleumBanque MisrTejarat
M And D International Trade LimitedAlfa BankAbtahi
M T NAbu Dhabi Islamic BankEghtesad Novin
Manley CoHua Xia Bank, Hangzhou Branch, Huaxia Bank , Hangzhou Branch, Huaxia Bank, Huaxia Bank, Huaxia Bank , Hangzhou Branch, Huaxia Bank, Hangzhou BranchMelli, Melli, Gardeshgari, Eghtesad Novin
Marafi International Co., LimitedEvergrowing Bank Shanghai Branch, Guangfa Bank, Banque Misr, Marafi International Co., Limited, China Minsheng BankEghtesad Novin, Gardeshgari, Tejarat, Gcm
MaseriBanque MisrTejarat, Hoseini
Mendoza LimitedEvergrowing Bank, China Zheshang Bank Shanghai Branch, Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank, Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankMelat, Mellat, Mellat
Mercury Chemicals LimitedZhejiang Tailong BankTejarat
Mingsen Co., LimitedZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankGardeshgari
Ml Holding Group LimitedChina Guangfa Bank Co Limited, China Guangfa BankSepah
MosaicBank Of BarodaEghtesad Novin
Msa Trade FzcoBanque MisrTejarat
MtnMashreq BankEghtesad Novin
N R ADubai Islamic BankEghtesad Novin
Nanhui International LimitedEvergrowing BankGardeshgari
Nashville LimitedZhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank Co , China Zheshang Bank Shanghai Branch, Banque Misr, Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankGardeshgari, Melat, Nabi Zadeh
NeftaEmirat Eslamic BankMelli
Neutroo Goods WholesalersEmirates Bank, First Abu Dhabi, First Abu Dhabi, First Abu DhabiHoseini , Tejarat, Melei
New OrleansAbudhabi Islamic BankNabi Zadeh
Noor Al BahrFab, Fab Bank, First Abu DhabiArziran
NordFirst Abu Dhabi, Al Masraf, Almasraf, Al Masraf, Emirates IslamiTejarat, Hoseini , Tejarat
Ocean WaysVakif BankArziran
Oligei International Co., LimitedEvergrowing Bank, Evergrowing Bank, China Guangfa Bank, Evergrowing Bank, Evergrowing Bank Shnaghai Branch, Evergrowing Bank, China Minsheng Banking Corp.Gcm, Eghtesad Novin
Opet Chemical And Raw Material Co., LimitedChina Guangfa Bank Co Limited, China Guangfa, China Guangfa Bank Co., LimitedGardeshgari, Eghtesad Novin
PavoniDubai Islamic BankMelli
Petkim PetroleumBanque MisrTejarat
PetoleumBanque MisrGardeshgari
Petro ZoneFabMelat
Pigeon Bay Co. LimitedZhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank Co , Hua Xia Bank, Hangzhou Branch, Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank Co , Evergrowing Bank, Evergrowing BankMellat, Melat, Gcm
Plus Power Co., LimitedStandard Chartered Bank(China) LimitedTejarat
Pznfr LimitedChina Minsheng Bank, Ningbo Commerce Bank, China Zheshang Bank Shanghai Branch, China Zheshang, Evergrowing Bank, China Guangfa BankGardeshgari, Tejarat
Qingshun InternationalChina Zheshang BankMelat
Quest Point Petrochemicals L.L.CBanque MisrGardeshgari
Quntum BuildingAdib, Commercial Bank Of DubaiNabi Zadeh
RhytonMcb Bank LimitedEghtesad Novin
Riara Refined Oil ProductsBanque Misr, Banque Misr, Al Masraf Bank, Dubai Islamic BankHoseini , Gardeshgari
Rs Novo LimitedWing Hang Bank (China) LimitedGardeshgari
Scarlett SteelAbdGardeshgari
Scofield LimitedIndustrial And Commercial Bank Of ChinaNabi Zadeh
Shanshe Co LimitedBank Of Tianjin, Tianjin Bank Beijing Branch OfficeGardeshgari
Shekufei International Co., LimitedEvergroing Bank, Evergrowing Bank, Evergrowing Bank, Evergrowing Bank, Evergrowing Bank, Evergrowing Bank Shanghai BranchMelli, Meli, Melii, Melli
Shiny Circle GeneralCommercial Bank Of Dubai, China Zheshang BankMasader
SholaeeChina Minsheng Bank, Zhejiang Tailong BankGcm
Silverbox GeneralBanque Misr, Mashreq Bank, First Abu Dhabi, Al Masraf BankMasader
Simong Trade Co LimitedZhejiang Tailong BankMelat
Sino Sheen LimitedZhejiang Tailong Bank, Hengfeng BankEghtesad Novin
SkylandZhejiang Tailong Bank, Zhejiang Mintai, Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankNabi Zadeh
Smooth Horizon LimitedZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankShahr, Shahe
Solipar LimitedEvergrowing Bank, Evergrowing Bank Shanghai Branch, Evergrowing Bank, Evergrowing Bank Shnaghai BranchGardeshgari
SparrowEmirates Bank, First Abu Dhabi, Emirates Islamic Bank, Emitat , Banque Misr, Emirates Islami, Bank Of BarodaPaya
Star Raw DmccEmirates Bank, Emirat Eslamic BankEghtesad Novin
Super Grand Raw MaterialsCommercial Bank Of Dubai, Fab BankEghtesad Novin
Tasaheel Development & InvestmentBank Of BapodaGcm
Tong Ming SingaporeZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankArziran
Torbo PetroleumBanque MisrMelli
Torgan Co., LimitedChina Zheshang, China Zheshang Bank Shanghai Branch, China Guangfa Bank, China Guangfa Bank, China Zheshang Bank Shanghai Branch, China Zheshang Bank Shanghai BranchGardeshgari, Melli, Melli
Tria Ic Ve Dis TicaretVakif Katlim Bankasi, Vakif Katilim Bankasi A.S., Kuveyt TurkGardeshgari
True Way Raw MaterialsEib BankArziran
Turbo Petrpleum & PetrochemicalsBanque MisrMelli
Vip Resource LimitedAlfa Bank, Alfa Bank, Al MasrafAbtahi, Gardeshgari
Vista Globe .Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankEghtesad Novin
Waz L.L.CBanque Misr, Emirates Islamic BankTejarat
Winvest Global LimitedXia Men International, Xia Men International, China Zheshang Bank Shanghai BranchGardeshgari, Melli
XinglongdaChina Zheshang Bank,Melat, S Gg
Yiwu Vazi CoLimitedZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankEghtesad Novin
Yiwu Yandan ImportChina Guangfabank, China Guangfa Bank Co Limited, China Guangfa BankEghtesad Novin
Alshivan Line Trading-Arziran
Avalt Trading-Melli
Blue Ways Trading-Melli
Burlo Trading-Gardeshgari Nabi Zade
C-Star Trading-Eghtesad Novin
Elite Truth Trading-Gardeshgari
Geona Trading-Eghtesad Novin Tejarat
Greenwood Trading-Gardeshgari
Keen Well International-GCM
Maahli HK Trading-Arziran
Metis Trading-Gardeshgari
Milaee Trading Lmited-Gardeshgari
Moonstone Trading-Gardeshgari
Royal Red Trading-Sepah
Sardonyx Trading-Eghtesad Novin
Sloob Trading-Melli
Srj Goods-Hoseini
West King Trading-Tejarat
Yeskel Trading-Eghtesad Novin