May 2024
Pyramid Transnational: Banque Misr's Role in Hosting Front Companies
Front companiesFinancialMODFAL
April 2024
Comprehensive Information on More of Sahara Thunder’s Customers
SanctionsFront companiesMODFAL
April 2024
No Ship, Sherlock: MODAFL Controlled Sahara Thunder’s Partners in Crime
April 2024
Thunder Sahara's Petroleum - Made in Iraq?
Front companiesSanctionsMODFAL
April 2024
Georgian Facilitators of MODAFL’s Crude Oil Sales
IRGCFront companiesFinancial
March 2024
Iranian MODAFL and Venezuela’s PDVSA Petroleum Trade
MODFALFront companiesFinancialIRGC
March 2024
In the Service of MODAFL: Vessels, Tankers and Insurances
SanctionsFront companiesMODFALVessels
March 2024
Game of Drones
IRGCMODFALFront companiesSanctions
February 2024
Unveiling MODAFL's Double-Layered Front Company Network
SanctionsIRGCMODFALFront companies
February 2024
Sahara Thunder’s Involvement in Transporting Russian Crude Oil to China
Front companiesMODFALFinancialInternational Relations
February 2024
Unmasking Sahara Thunder
January 2024
Exposing Triliance's Fleet
January 2024
Universal Energy FZE
FinancialSanctionsFront companies
December 2023
State-owned Companies Supplying Triliance Petrochemical Co. Ltd. with Sanctionable Products
BanksSanctionsFront companies
December 2023
Triliance: A Company of Many Domains
SanctionsFinancialFront companies