PGPICC - Part 6: WikiIran’s Actions Disrupted Iranian Regime’s International Money Transfer
WikiIran's Exclusive
February 2023

WikiIran proudly announces one of its greatest success of its campaign of exposing the Iranian regime’s secret operations for circumventing the international sanctions. WikiIran’s exposure of the information about one of Iran’s largest money exchange houses, “The Tahayyori Guarantee Society (ﺷرﮐت ﺗﺿﺎﻣﻧﯽ ﺗﺣﯾری و ﺷرﮐﺎء)/ARZ-IRAN (ﺻراﻓﯽ ارز اﯾران),” had an immediate impact upon similar covert operation conducted by the country’s largest petrochemical company, “The Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industry Commercial Company (PGPICC).”

In April 2022, WikiIran exposed documents, correspondence and information from Tahayyori’s internal server, a company owned by Ehsan Tahayyori. WikiIran exposed over thirty front companies, hundreds of bank accounts around the globe, and information on thousands of money transfers, all maintained and led by the Tahayyori.

Based on the review of the leaked information from PGPICC’s internal servers, WikiIran concludes that PGPICC’s staff had studied WikiIran’s exposed documents from the Tahayyori and reported internally of any information they found relevant to their company. For instance, PGPICC’s staff informed their managers that some of those companies exposed by WikiIran as Tahayyori’s front companies, have been used as front companies by the PGPICC too.

The review of the correspondence among PGPICC’s staff points out clearly how PGPICC handled WikiIran’s exposure of entities relevant to the circumvention of sanctions. Since PGPICC has also been working and cooperating with some of those entities for circumventing the sanctions, the company acted in order to minimize the effects of WikiIran’s exposure.

Here is a highlight of some of PGPICC’s actions in response to WikiIran’s exposure so to minimize the damage:

  1. Mohsen Saeedinasb, the company’s head of finance and budgeting, asked to prevent the clients from depositing in those bank accounts which were exposed by WikiIran. He also asked to send out warnings to those exposed banks and money exchange houses, asking them to “deactivate” the relevant accounts and open up new ones instead.

  2. Reza Abbadzadeh Semnani (رضا عبادزاده سمناني), the PGPICC’s former general director, wrote to general directors and managers of banks and Iranian money exchange houses and warned them that the information exposed by WikiIran could probably bring to the expansion and increase of the sanctions. Accordingly, he asked them to change those bank accounts which had been changed, to prevent from transferring money from those exposed accounts to new bank accounts, and to transfer the balance from those exposed accounts to other accounts at the same bank.

Another example for the impact of WikiIran’s action is that the Iranian bank, “Bank-e Eghtessadeh Novin (بانک اقتصاد نوین)” informed the PGPICC that the bank could not make one specific transfer since the beneficiary account had been exposed by WikiIran!

Below specific examples from the emails:

WikiIran is honored to take part in the international campaign against Iran’s dictatorship and to have an impact. WikiIran will continue exposing the crimes made by the Islamic regime and its partners so to pressure it for improving its treatment of the Iranian people.