Amin Exchange House (Ebrahimi and Associates Guarantee Society)
شركت تضامني ابراهيمي و شركا (صرافي امين )

WikIran is exposing yet another top tier Iranian exchange house: Amin Exchange, also known as Ebrahimi and Associates Guarantee Society, which is managed by ex-IRGC officer Samed Nemati. The Amin exchange house is helping the Islamic Republic criminal regime to circumvent international sanctions and illegally bring foreign currency into the country, using a network of over 100 covert front companies around the world, mainly in China and the United Arab Emirates. The exclusive documents were leaked directly from the hacked servers of the exchange house. The database includes over 32,314 deals between Iranian companies and foreign clients, conducted via Amin exhcnage. For each transactions, there is a documentation of the buyer and the seller, the name of the bank, the amount, the currency, the date, and more. Some of the deals also have authentic documents, contracts, cheques, screenshots, etc. In addition to the searchable files, some of the raw materials are currently inaccessible but can be downloaded here (5.12 GB).

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